How does meth smell while it’s cooking and what do the fumes smell like?

Hi, my name is Juan and I'm not a drug addict (I sound like a little kid saying it like that). Before you start reading, skip all the way down to the bottom to "QUESTIONS" if you just want to read the questions and answer them since i wrote stuff that i think sounds kinda of more like a story in a essay. Anyways, i was wondering how it smells because there was a weird smell yesterday (on late saturday and early Sunday of 3/27-28/10). Usually, i would ignore this kinda thing because i "figured" it be nothing bad considering i don't usually pick up this smell in the night or any part of the day. Besides, i don't live in a bad neighborhood and its kinda isn't a neighborhood because the street is frequently used by the cars/drivers. Back to the point, Nothing bad ever happens where i live because i fortunate that i live a safe area compared to other people and that's good. Around 10:30 p.m, my mom goes to my brothers and me to make a cross on my forehead and kiss before going to bed, and that's when the smell came. I figured, it be my mom since she puts the cream on her face and stuff since older women do that (forgive me if that sounds offense). I figure it be her cream but the smell was still there since after she went to bed, which was 30 minutes ago at the time. Of course it went away after awhile, but my dad comes in and ask me to research something. I tell my dad "why don't we just do it tomorrow since it's already like late?" Of course, in my mind, I figured he had a little to many beers (don't worry, he can control himself) to drink and cause he was tired at the same time. He ask me "what meths smells like?" I figure he tell me not to do that stuff since i know about gangstas and i know some gangstas in school, even though i tell him i will never be one of them or even dress like them. He tells me that he thinks it's meth and so we look it up on how to make it and how it smells from it's fumes. We acquire some knowledge and it me think, " why would anybody want to make meth, epically my neighbors?" Now i know my dad has told me before that my neighbors have probably smuggled drugs before across the border (they do Trailer Truck business, not huge stuff, but they have a good amount of trailer trucks in their property,) but he doesn't infer that they do kinda of stuff anymore. Anyways, he tells me that he notices that there are a lot of trailers blocking our view from my house to see what they are doing. He shows me though the window (they can't see us since it's dark and the light reflects off in our favor, if that makes since) and it does look supicous. Now, i don't know why i haven't notice that lately, probably because i haven't been done some yard work in a few days since i have school, but it does make sense why they could be hiding something. It had been 3 hours since the smell went away and a video we saw shows u that can make meth in a hour, if done right. 3 hours had pass. If they had made meth, they would have a good amount. My dad earlier saw my neighbor buy some propane from the store. Now one thing for sure, my neighbors always cook with wood when it comes to BBQ, but in this case, it had to be for something else in particular. Alright, QUESTIONS, What does meth smell like when it's cooking? How does the fumes of meth smell like when it gives off while being cooked? Not that I'm dum or stupid, but do you have any advice to give of how to know if there is a lab? Final question, how would i protect my family and myself from those fumes being given off since i hear and read that they are bad and could be deadly if not protected well from?

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  1. pharmaceutist says:

    Meth smells like a cat litter box that hasn’t been changed in a while. If you are in close proximity to a lab, you may experience burning eyes/nose/throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, flu type symptoms. Report Abuse

  2. byelaws says:

    Meth smells like cat piss.

  3. Physonectae says:

    cat piss, ammonia, or really strong windex.If its your neighbor the fumes wont be strong enough to hurt you and youre family. Report Abuse