Great Gatsby essay questions…?

Ok, this is my essay question...The pursuit of the American Dream is a major theme in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Write a five-paragraph essay in which you explore the following question: In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, how are Jay Gatsby's dream and career related to the American dream of success? Be sure to use quotes and specific examples from the novel in your essay.I want to put something about Gatsby using criminal activity to make money, and him working for a rich man and loving Daisy influencing him to become wealthy. But, i dont know what other topics to talk about or how i should put it together.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. naumannite says:

    first, brainstorm. that means write down everything you’re thinking when you think about gatsby’s career and the american dream. don’t write complete sentences, just take notes. words, phrases, images, quotes and scenes from the book, anything.then go through your brainstorm and group things together that seem to go together. for example “wealth” will go with “criminal activity” and “love” will go with “Daisy”. keep adding things into groups until you have 3-5 groupings of ideas, words, and phrases that seem to go together. each of these groups will be one of your points. pick the three strongest and write a sentence describing each of these points. for example “gatsby uses criminal activity to make money, which says _______ about the american dream.”now, write a sentence, just one sentence, that answers the question “how are Jay Gatsby’s dream and career related to the American dream of success?” put this sentence together with the three sentences you wrote above describing each of your points. that’s your first paragraph.your second paragraph will expand on the first one of your points. look at your groups of words, phrases, quotes, scenes and use these to write a paragraph describing that point.your third paragraph will expand on the second one of your pointsyour fourth paragraph will expand on the third one of your points.then you get to the final paragraph. explain in one sentence what importance the american dream has in our society (in your opinion). explain in two sentences why you think fitzgerald chose to use gatsby to illustrate it (this is another way of thinking about all the stuff that you just wrote.) finish with your personal assessment in one sentence as to how successful fitzgerald was in exploring the american dream through gatsby. i mean, write a sentence saying whether or not the book explained anything to you.and you’re done.

  2. socialist says:

    go on sparknotes and get some ideas.